Adia Victoria – “Magnolia Blues”: Local Artist of the Week


Early this month, Adia Victoria released “Magnolia Blues” crowning her Local Artist of the Week. Victoria is an indie, gothic blues artist with religious, Southern roots that inspire her music. As an avid reader, classic poetry and literature lit her passion and talent for storytelling. Harnessed with her guitar and smooth vocals, her gothic blues is dark, raw and resounding. As a necessary outcry of advocacy for change, it is laced with depth and morose truths. In a recent post about her latest single, she writes:

“It is a reclaiming of the magnolia tree from the hands of white supremacy. It is an ode to every black southern woman who remembers her girlhood spent in the shade of her magnolia tree.”

-Adia Victoria

Victoria continues to educate and challenge her audience with her voice. “Magnolia Blues” is a pertinent lesson and reminder of reality. Deep in the South that fails to denounce white supremacy, Confederate flags and monuments still adorn the streets. South Carolina-raised Victoria pens the truth that resonates with many of her black brothers and sisters. In a society where many wish to rewrite the past, she refuses to relinquish the story of her black Southern heritage. Whether you feel empowered by her lyricism or convicted by it, her poetic rawness has well-served its purpose.

A Southern Gothic, her upcoming album, is a chance for many of us to listen. As we anticipate its release, tune in to the music video for “Magnolia Blues” below:

Listen all week to hear “Magnolia Blues” as we feature Adia Victoria as our Local Artist of the Week! Listen on-air at 100.1FM or at