Birdtalker – “Old Sob Story”: DJ Pick of the Week


Local Nashville Americana rock group Birdtalker sings with fervor on their new single “Old Sob Story.” Set to appear on their self-titled record Birdtalker, out October 8, the song is both musically and lyrically powerful. Undoubtedly one of the most soulful and vulnerable groups around, we are stoked to hear more from Birdtalker. “Old Sob Story” is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Made up of five talented musicians and friends, the group’s chemistry transitions into their music. Married couple Zack and Dani Green embraced their love for music, which led to a passion for song-writing. Andy Hubright, Brian Seligman, and Jesse Baker joined forces with the Greens to form what is now Birdtalker. The group mixes elements of indie rock with Americana folk to bring listeners songs about life, love, and overcoming all of the struggles in between. From performing on stage at the Grand Ole Opry to being featured in Rolling Stone, Birdtalker is just getting started.

Of course, with a song like “Old Sob Story,” the band is sure to gain a few more listeners. The track delves into the inner struggle of leaving the old behind and searching for the new. An upbeat, positive tune, the song encourages embracing what is to come. We are definitely embracing all that Birdtalker is throwing our way! Watch their live performance of “Old Sob Story” below!

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