Dylan Hartigan – “Crazy”: Local Artist of the Week


Dylan Hartigan knows how to excite an audience with his summer jam “Crazy.” His latest single is off of his upcoming October 8th album release, The Way My Bones Creak. “Crazy” is a new sound for Hartigan. Known for his tear-jerking and soulful ballads, this single is instead an upbeat, catchy anthem. We can’t get enough of “Crazy” or our Local Artist of the Week Dylan Hartigan!

No stranger to the stage, Dylan Hartigan began acting at a young age. He appeared in The Stepford Wives, Definitely, Maybe, The Immigrant, and much more throughout his life. Hartigan continued to take to the screen as a contestant on Season 14 of The Voice back in 2018. Kelly Clarkson, who was his coach during his time on the show, invited Hartigan to perform onstage with her in 2019. There he met Maggie Rose and the two instantly connected. “I was on tour opening up for Kelly Clarkson and watching from the front-of-house when I heard an incredible performance that stopped me in my tracks. His charisma and capabilities as a vocalist drew me to him. I knew he was special immediately,” Rose remarks about Hartigan.

Rose, alongside Bobby Holland, produced Hartigan’s upcoming album. Them Vibes collaborated on the album as well by writing “Crazy.” All in all, it is safe to say Dylan Hartigan is in good hands with these talented musicians. Hartigan is in such good hands that he and Them Vibes are accompanying Maggie Rose on tour, starting in August. We can hardly wait till Dylan Hartigan’s album release in October!

Make sure to listen all week to hear “Crazy” as we feature Dylan Hartigan as our Local Artist of the Week! Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at lightning100.com