Intern Picks of the Week — Collaborations


When artists join forces the songs they create together can be truly amazing. This week the interns are picking some of their favorite recent collaborations. 

Ayden’s Pick: Allie X – Susie Save Your Love feat. Mitski

Mitski doesn’t do collabs. Allie X’s “Susie Save Your Love” off of her recent Cape God is the momentous first and only exception to this rule, recorded during the artist’s recent hiatus from music, social media, and touring. The track is about being in love with your best friend who’s in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t treat her right– a narrative that was artfully crafted by the pair during their time in the studio together. The result is a heartwrenching and imaginative queer love song for the history books. I can still listen to it on loop all day.

Taylor’s Pick: Homeschool feat. Samia: Smartest Man

Samia is showing absolutely no signs of stopping her meteoric rise anytime soon. On “Smartest Man,” she lends her vocals and trademark vulnerability to Tom D’Augustino’s new musical project. The track, an exploration on gender and relationship dynamics, is breezy, thoughtful, and earnest. It’s a great sign of what both artists have in store for the future.

Lindsay’s Pick: Emily Weisband feat. Tauren Wells — Love 2 Hard

On April 2 singer/songwriter Emily Weisband released a five-track EP full of catchy pop songs. “Love 2 Hard” is a song in this collection that features multiplatinum R&B singer/songwriter Tauren Wells. Emily intentionally chose Tauren to be her first collaborator featured on one of her releases because he is not only a close friend, but he has an incredible voice. The song about completely putting yourself out there for a new love. Tauren’s vocals are an amazing counterpoint to Emily, creating a beautiful blend throughout the song.