Intern Picks of the Week — Live on the Green


In honor of Music City Mayhem, it would only be fitting to pick songs by some of our favorite past Live on the Green performers! Check out the intern’s favorite new tracks by some of these incredible artists and bands! 

Ayden’s Pick: Real Estate – Half a Human

I spent my first ever weekend in Nashville at Live on the Green. I had never listened to Real Estate before I saw their set in Public Square Park, but I was instantly hooked by their chilled out sound and mesmerizing live show. Back in 2017, In Mind had just come out, and it quickly became the soundtrack to my first semester of college. The band went on to release follow up record The Main Thing in 2020, and are now gearing up to put out the Half a Human EP on March 26th. The title track is classic Real Estate— hyper-clean guitars, hypnotic instrumental interludes, and sweeping vocals. The psychedelic, oversaturated music video is a perfect fit.

Taylor’s Pick: *repeat repeat – For Leaving You

*repeat repeat is the first Nashville artist I ever discovered. My connection to them dates back to Shaky Knees 2018, where a friend brought me to their 1pm set, and I became enamored with their surf-rock sound and sheer level of passion. Somehow, we started messaging on Instagram, we hung out at Bonnaroo, and then months later they were my first ever Live on the Green set on my first day in Nashville. “For Leaving You” is the band’s brand-new single, an arena-ready reflection on moving on. In a way that calls back to Weezer’s best, it’s a perfect marriage of a mournful lyric and music that’s an absolute blast.

Lindsay’s Pick: Lake Street Dive — Hypotheticals

Seeing Lake Street Dive perform at Live on the Green in 2019 was definitely one of the highlights of my junior year of college. All five members of the band have different tastes and talents which blend together beautifully into a mix of pop, rock, R&B and jazz. My intern pick this week is their new single “Hypotheticals”. This is the opening track on the band’s fourth album, Obviously, that was released on March 12th. The upbeat song has catchy melodies and unique lyrics sung beautifully by Rachel Price. The instrumentation is very light and flows perfectly throughout the track.