Julia Cannon – “The Shore”: DJ Pick of the Week


Julia Cannon makes waves with her latest single “The Shore.” Born and raised in Alaska, Cannon has re-located her song-writing skills to Nashville and aren’t we lucky! With the track’s soft tones and stripped down instrumentals, listeners can find both peace and strength in Cannon’s lyrics. “The Shore” is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Cannon utilizes imagery and storytelling in “The Shore” to portray the beauty of nature and beauty of teaching love. The track contains relatable experiences like having bad days and feeling fearful and worried. Cannon, however, shines a glimmer of hope with her lyrics, “It’s cold in the water, but there is a shore.” Whatever feelings of unease someone is experiencing, this song has a healing quality to it, showcasing Cannon’s powerful songwriting abilities. With songs like “The Shore,” we eagerly anticipate more from Julia Cannon!

Julia Cannon’s video for “The Shore” will transcend you to a relaxing summer day on the riverside. Check it out below!

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