Lucas Carpenter — “Linda McCartney”: DJ Pick of the Week


Local pop artist Lucas Carpenter looks for a Beatles kind of love in his new single “Linda McCartney.” Casey premiered the song on Monday for the615 ahead of Carpenter’s new EP, The Shimmer, out December 4th. With bright synths and lighthearted vocals, it’ll be sure to have you feeling upbeat. “Linda McCartney” is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!

In “Linda McCartney,” Carpenter references the famous love story between The Beatles’ bassist and the American photographer. “I’ve got a thing for a pretty face behind the camera lens,” he sings. In an interview with Popternative, Carpenter explains why he chose to write about Linda. “I was always very inspired by the relationship Linda and Paul McCartney had, as 2 incredibly creative people who seemed to have such a beautiful partnership,” he said. “I wrote the song about my search for a similar relationship.” 

“Linda McCartney” is fun, jubilant pop, and it’s clear to tell that Carpenter enjoyed making it. The vocals are playful and the lyrics full of imagery. Of the sound, Carpenter says the song “is kind of a combination of break-beat hip-hop, theatrical pop, and world music.” He describes his ideal future with a potential lover: one where they can “grow a garden, write some cookbooks,” and “get a sheepdog.” We don’t blame him — who wouldn’t want those things? 

The music video for the song teems with the same bright, creative energy as the song itself. You can check it out below!

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