Orla Gartland – “You’re Not Special, Babe”: DJ Pick of the Week


Orla Gartland calls herself out in her newest single “You’re Not Special Babe,” set for her upcoming debut album Woman on the Internet. A Dublin-born artist and producer, known for her self-reflective anthems, Gartland writes with authenticity and wisdom. She has already released multiple singles for her August 20th album release, like “More Like You,” “Zombie!,” “Do You Mind?,” and “Pretending.” “You’re Not Special, Babe” fits the vibrant, funky feel of this new record and is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

With each song, Orla Gartland showcases her maturity through her sometimes painful and heart wrenching lyrics. Moreover, her variety of styles and sounds cater towards a sense of uniqueness seen throughout her releases. Not one track is alike, and yet each one captivates who Gartland is, both as a songwriter and a human being.

“You’re Not Special, Babe” is a direct message to herself. Gartland addresses the challenges of every day life that she faces, as well as negative thoughts she has about herself. However, the chorus echoes, “you’re not special babe. I know you feel like your life is one big mistake. I’m right there on your side” People all struggle with self-image and self-growth and Gartland knows she is not alone in these feelings.

Make sure to listen to Woman on the Internet on August 20, 2021! In the meantime, watch Orla Gartland’s video for “You’re Not Special, Babe.” Masked dancers, theatrical expressions, and bright colors all come together to illuminate her introspective message. Check it out below!

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