Sean McConnell – “What the Hell is Wrong with Me”: Local Artist of the Week


Itching to release his latest album, Sean McConnell gave us a glimpse with his new single. A Horrible Beautiful Dream will be McConnell’s 14th full length album. McConnell won the title of Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week with “What the Hell is Wrong with Me”. McConnell is a singer-songwriter who has written music for many big hits artists. These include Rascal Flats, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and many more. Born to two folk singers, he chose to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

McConnell spent the last year like many artists with more time on their hands. Putting his passion into creating, McConnell began recording new music in his studio close to his Franklin farm. His time away from concerts and gigs due to COVID was a time of reflection. He has never shied away from confronting difficult topics and finding the hope and peace in the unknown. As a result of this period of contemplation, McConnell’s new music is rooted in depth and self-awareness. A quote from his website says it best:

“We can look at the suffering of the world and the beauty of the world and hold them in our hands and just be present with it all, not forcing ourselves to try to understand it or anything else. It’s just, ‘this is what this is.’ I think that a lot of the songs speak to that.”

Featuring Fancy Hagood, “What the Hell is Wrong with Me” is an upbeat country song. The folk tune has an understated bluesy twist with the piano and background harmonies. The message offers a sense of peace knowing that we aren’t the only ones struggling to get our lives together. On Facebook, he describes his new single as “uncomfortably honest yet charmingly comical song out today that would make me feel less alone in my total disfunction and basket case-ness”. Who can’t relate with this sentiment? We couldn’t have said it better. Check out his latest single below:

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