Caleb Caudle – “I Don’t Fit In” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “I Don’t Fit In” by Caleb Caudle. Originally from North Carolina, Caudle moved to Nashville in 2019. Not too long after, disaster struck the city with a tornado, and then the world with the outbreak of Covid-19.

Like many of us, Caudle spent his time during lockdown reflecting. “I Don’t Fit In” is rooted in solitude and self-awareness. Caudle shifts his focus from a busy, hurried lifestyle to slowing down and being present. This concept is heavily represented in his upcoming album, “Forsythia.” Inspiration to walk his own path at his own pace came from being surrounded by nature, while alone with his thoughts.

Set to be released on October 7th, the album is produced by John Carter Cash and features an impressive collaboration of artists such as Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Dennis Crouch, and Fred Eltringham.

Check out the new track below:

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