Connor Kelly & The Time Warp – “Avalanche”: DJ Pick of the Week

Connor Kelly & The Time Warp

Casey’s latest DJ Pick of the Week is “Avalanche” by Connor Kelly & The Time Warp! The Tennessee rock band’s second album “Distant Forest” – released on April 29 – is the best travel companion. The perfect song to blast when the highway feels a little too long? Look no further than “Avalanche.” It’s a prime example of what happens when well thought out lyrics are paired with a dynamic mix of guitar and piano. The band released the track in March, one week before announcing the album. 

The song holds down the fifth slot on “Distant Forest.” It serves as the perfect bridge from the groovy, beach vibes of “Flying Cars” to the ode to classic rock that is “Anywhere But Here.” 

And if we’ve learned anything from Taylor Swift, it’s that the fifth track on an album should never be overlooked. 

Connor Kelly & The Time Warp are currently on tour, with upcoming shows in Austin, New Orleans and Chattanooga. The band celebrated the release of “Distant Forest” by playing a show in Knoxville and at Nashville’s own East Room.

You can check out “Avalanche” here:

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