Djo — “Figure You Out”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Figure You Out” by Djo. The second Stranger Things actor in a row to be chosen as Mel’s DJ pick, Djo (aka Joe Keery) brings an 80s shimmer to “Figure You Out” that calls back to the TV show that launched his career. To achieve this retro sound, “Figure You Out” features beautifully crafted icy synth pads deep in the stereo field, forming a soft cushion upon which the deeply personal lyrics sit prominently.

While “Figure You Out” doesn’t exactly come across as dark or negative, the lyrics describe Djo’s distress at the way he views the world. As Djo walks the listener through what seems to be a dissociative episode, the song’s strong sense of atmosphere lulls the listener into the same trance-like headspace. The album together forms “an oral history of his [Djo’s] twenties,” and “Figure You Out” finds Djo struggling to come to grips with his new reality as a celebrity. Experience the dream world of Djo by listening to “Figure You Out” below, and check out his new full album Decide!

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