Maya Hawke – “Sweet Tooth”: DJ Pick of the Week

Maya Hawke

Mel’s DJ pick of the week is “Sweet Tooth,” by Maya Hawke. The rising musician, and already established actress, shows off one of her many talents with a new single off of her upcoming album, “Moss”. The album will be released on Sept. 23. Beginning the same day of the release, Hawke will perform 3 consecutive, sold-out shows in Los Angeles.

Having gained much fame and popularity from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” series, Hawke already has an established fanbase, which is only bound to grow from exposure to her music. “Sweet Tooth” is an endearing message to her mother- a “thank you” for being available when life gets tough. The song is sonically smooth and delivers nothing short of nice, easy listening.

Check out the new track below:

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