Emoni Wilkins Performs “Be Mine” and “Pesto” Live in the Volume.com Studio


Local Nashville R&B and Soul singer Emoni Wilkins visited the Volume.com Studio this morning to share some of her music with Mel and Jayson. Specifically, her song “Pesto” draws an analogy between the beloved versatile pasta topping and the all-appealing nature of romantic love. As Wilkins says in the interview, for both pesto and love, “no matter what you make of it, it always fits you.”

In addition to sharing her music, Wilkins discussed her upcoming appearance on one of our upcoming Nashville Sunday Night shows at 3rd and Lindsley. This unique November 13th concert will benefit the Girls Write Nashville foundation, a nonprofit which supplies teen girls in Nashville with after school programs that encourage participants to build up their songwriting confidence. Come out and see a great show while also supporting a new generation of local women in songwriting, and watch Wilkins’ soulful performance below in the meantime!

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