Intern Picks of the Week — From the 90s


The 90s were full of butterfly clips, flannels, chokers, and Dr. Martens. The 90s also brought us Lightning 100, or at the time “Radio Lightning”. This week our interns are gettin’ jiggy with some throwback tunes straight from the 90s! From Hip Hop, Country, Rock and Pop the 90s had some of the most iconic and memorable music. With the many aspects of 90s culture making a comeback, our interns wanted to explore some of the decades best tunes. So stop buggin’ and take a chill pill because these Intern Picks of the Week from the 90s are all that and a bag of chips!

Katie’s Pick: Foo Fighters – “Everlong” (1997)

“Everlong” has been a favorite song of mine for a long time. Foo Fighters is my dad’s favorite band…probably of all time. So needless to say I was raised on their discography. Out of all of their albums, the second, The Colour and The Shape stands out to me the most. I believe that it anchors the band’s sound for me as a listener.

In 1994, Frontman Dave Grohl (surviving member of iconic 90s grunge rock band Nirvana) started to create music under the pseudonym Foo Fighters. After writing and recording the first Foo Fighters album completely on his own, Grohl enlisted bassist Nate Mendel, drummer William Goldsmith (both formerly of another great 90s grunge rock band Sunny Day Real Estate) and guitarist Pat Smear (of Germs and Nirvana). The Colour and Shape is an album that encapsulates the core Foo Fighters sound for me. With the band’s ever changing lineup throughout the 90s, their sound never changed. “Everlong” starts out seemingly low, but hits hard with Mendel’s progressing bass riff. The song is definitely a definitive late 90s rock anthem.

Michael’s Pick: Cardiacs – “Fiery Gun Hand” (1995)

My pick for 90s week is “Fiery Gun Hand” by Cardiacs! A song that we in Nashville would refer to as a “barn burner,” “Fiery Gun Hand” redefines the limits of energy in music. Every element of this song represents mania in its purest form. The ridiculous ping-pong panning of the guitar, the surreal word-salad lyrics, the half dozen blaring auxiliary instruments. And, of course, no discussion of the mania behind “Fiery Gun Hand” would be complete without acknowledging the strangest yet greatest guitar solo of all time, which takes up most of the second half of the song.

Written by the late Tim Smith, the track showcases Cardiacs at their most extravagant. Characteristically Smithian elements abound here, revealing Smith’s eternally under appreciated songwriting genius. Fundamentally, Smith sets himself apart from his peers with his combination of a jam-packed imagination and the technical know-how to translate these cluttered visions into masterful songs. Never before or since has someone’s brain been so thoroughly photocopied into a song, a lasting testament to one of the most distinct minds in music history.

Mikayla’s Pick: Whitney Houston – “I’m Every Woman” (1992)

My 90s pick is Whitney Houston’s version of “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. The 1992 cover is immaculate and iconic from start to finish, beginning as a slow, soft ballad and seamlessly transitioning to a run-way, vogue beat. Houston maintains Khan’s original 70s disco-funk vibe, blending it with that identifying 90s pop rhythm. Sung by one of the most powerful vocalists of all time, the song showcases Houston’s vocal range and control with riffs and key changes throughout the entire track. It’s nothing less than impressive, empowering, and fun!

Ethan’s Pick: The Pixies – “Debaser” (1990)

Debaser is a track that stays beating with my heart. A staple band of the 90s, The Pixies made punk mainstream and new wave in all the best ways. I remember playing skate 3 as a kid and this song getting playing as I flicked my xbox controller in hope to land… any trick for that matter. With a low end grunge sound and a vocal that’s so experimental and fun, this song feels like an outlet to get out every emotion I have sitting in my body.

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