Intern Picks of the Week — Holiday Favorites


It seems we blinked and another year has come and gone. For us interns, a semester here at the station is also coming to a close. To wrap up our series of picks, we want to share our final selections- holiday favorites! Happy listening, and Happy Holidays from your Fall 2022 interns!

Katie’s Pick: The 1975 — “Wintering”

My Holiday Pick is “Wintering” by The 1975 off of their newest release Being Funny In A Foreign Language. It’s a Christmas Song, but it also isn’t. Lead singer Matty Healy explained, “This is very much a vignette…It’s kind of about my family, and it’s kind of a Christmas song, but it’s also that thing of relatable specificity because everyone knows that feeling of getting home for Christmas.”

This track isn’t your holly, jolly holiday; it’s the real-life struggle of trying to get home on the 23rd just in time for family celebrations. While the holidays can be great, they can also bring family bickering, reverting to your high school self, and being stuck in the worst traffic. Personally, I get tired of the generic Christmas classics halfway through December. That’s what makes “Wintering” the perfect holiday song for me. This track has been in my rotation since Being Funny In A Foreign Language’s release, but it’ll make the perfect song for your holiday parties and road trips.

Michael’s Pick: My Chemical Romance — “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

Unbelievably enough, this actually exists. The band that made a name for itself by making albums about vampire murder mysteries and tragic battles with cancer has a few more tricks up its sleeve, including this uncharacteristically whimsical cover. Like a more typical MCR song, the intro brings dramatic vocals that set the stage for a downtempo pop ballad before the punk rock guitars come crashing through in the first verse. Taken out of its typical dark context, this style sounds absolutely hilarious, making this song a fantastic spoof holiday classic.

In spite of the song’s silliness, however, My Chem clearly put a lot of work into polishing their rendition of this perennial Christmas hit. Tight performances throughout and some thoughtful composition still make this song one to be proud of for the acclaimed alternative rock band. In addition, hearing this often flamboyantly self-serious band have so much fun rocking out to Mariah Carey reveals a side of MCR that fans generally don’t get to see, a refreshing turn for the reigning royalty of emo.

Mikayla’s Pick: Molly Burch — “Cozy Christmas”

My pick is the latest from Molly Burch, “Cozy Christmas.” The song has similar festive energy to Wham!’s “Last Christmas,” but with a bit more cheer. The track was dually released and added to her 2019 Christmas album. On the album, Molly does a rendition of her (and probably yours too) favorite Christmas essentials. Staying creatively balanced, the record also features a handful of originals.

In this song, Molly sings out her excitement to reunite with her significant other, just in time for the highly anticipated Christmas season. She pairs her classical jazz-trained vocals with an indie pop beat, delivering the perfect holiday concoction. If you’re looking for a fun, festive tune to enhance your playlist, here you go!