Intern Picks of the Week — Instant Mood Boosters


This week, we’re sharing songs that serve as instant mood boosters. It’s easy to get caught up this seemingly monotonous and fast-paced world. However, these songs have helped us zoom out, not take life so seriously, and do our best to enjoy it. If you need a reminder to slow down, cherish your time, and be grateful, start by listening to these!

Michael’s Pick: Animal Collective — “Bluish”

Part of Animal Collective’s 2009 classic Merriweather Post Pavilion, “Bluish” teaches us how to rejoice in the mundane world of the here and now. A tender love song about doing nothing, “Bluish” ignores the busy world of the digital age to deliver a delightful defense of slow living. Pulsing synths lurk in the low frequencies of the track, setting up a deeply psychedelic foundation for this epic ballad. Thin, noisy saws slither across the stereo field, placing the listener in a vibrant, dramatic setting full of movement.

Where other songs portray love as monumental or adventurous, “Bluish” instead takes a magnifying glass to the unremarkable, even forgettable moments. From admiring “the way you’re lying there” to “the way you talk about your blue eyeshadow,” Animal Collective puts pen to paper to record moments that most of us unconsciously forget. Armed with the occasional reminder to cherish every sleepy, lazy, common moment, our moods improve dramatically as we remind ourselves of the many blessings we see every day.

Katie’s Pick: Zach Bryan — “Heavy Eyes”

My pick for mood booster week is “Heavy Eyes” by Zach Bryan. The song is off of Bryan’s summer release American Heartbreak. 

“Heavy Eyes” is an upbeat track that will bring sunshine to the rainiest of demeanors. The song is all about living life to its fullest. Bryan discusses the past and wants to take control of his future and make memories he can look back on when he is older.

I got into Bryan’s music earlier this fall, and my adoration for it has only grown since. His lyricism reminds me of Hozier and Chris Stapleton, two artists that I keep coming back to, and appreciate more with each listen. I have a feeling I’ll soon feel the same way about Zach Bryan.

Mikayla’s Pick: Allen Stone — “5 Minutes”

My pick this week is the latest from Allen Stone. Allen’s music is my go-to whenever I need a pick-me-up. Since 2018, he’s been one of my most listened to artists. Allen’s vibrant spirit, funky style, and superior sense of humor consistently come through his music. He pulls from R&B, soul, and funk influence to deliver an easy-listening, positively impactful tune. Complementing his musical aura, Allen writes lyrics that resonate and encourage listeners to think better, feel better, and be better.

With groovy, syncopated keys and powerful vocals, Allen brings us yet another feel-good song with an uplifting message. “5 Minutes” reminds us to let go of monetary motives and instead, put our value into life’s passing moments. Just setting aside 5 minutes of our busy days, to “sit back” and “enjoy the ride,” can make a difference.