Intern Picks of the Week – Summer Anthems


Finding the perfect summer anthem is no easy feat, but for the latest edition of Intern Picks we compiled a few of our favorites for when you’re driving with the windows down through that Nashville heat.

Christina’s Pick

Bad Bad Hats- “Walkman”

As the title track to Bad Bad Hats’ latest LP, “Walkman” offers a feel-good tune that has become my go-to summertime anthem. 

Bad Bad Hats is an alternative rock band from Minnesota, and Walkman is the group’s third studio album. The 2021 record shows off the band’s fun lyrical and instrumental styles. “Walkman” opens the LP with bright guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. 

The Minneapolis-based trio is currently on tour with the Gully Boys and Kiss the Tiger. Learn more about their tour dates here, and listen to Bad Bad Hats’ “Walkman” below!

Sarah’s Pick

Zach Bryan – “Tishomingo”

If I could choose Bryan’s entire American Heartbreak album for this week’s pick, I would. But since I don’t have time to write about my love for all 34 songs, I’m going with “Tishomingo,”  one of the most lyrically and instrumentally dynamic tracks on the album. As Heartbreak’s tenth song, it starts off slow and then builds with Bryan’s magnetic lyrics. Realistically, any one of these songs can be considered a summer anthem but “Tishomingo” has an extra dose of Bryan’s classic heartland sound, with the electric guitar and drums making it a windows down, volume blasting, must-listen.

Trust me, I do this basically every day.

That’s also why this album will probably be at the top of the list when that Apple 2022 recap thing comes out.

Zach Bryan is currently on tour – having played Bonnaroo last month – and will return to Nashville for a headline show at FirstBank Amphitheater on Sept. 11. 

Listen to “Tishomingo” below:

Yvette’s Pick

Nu Genea – “Bar Mediterraneo” 

My anthem for the summer of 2022 is one hundred percent “Bar Mediterraneo” by Nu Genea. Nu Genea is Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina, a Neopolitan duo based out of Berlin. They’ve described their style as “cultural and historical research” on dance music, and collaborate frequently with other artists. 

“Bar Mediterraneo” is the title track to Nu Genea’s latest LP released in May of this year. It’s impossible to not want to get up and groove when this tropical dance tune graces your ears—something I admittedly do at least twice a day! The track is introduced with a sweetly nostalgic guitar melody that flows into swarming synths atop snappy dance drums beats. “Bar Medietrraneo” is the perfect soundtrack to dance your summer away!

Jules’ Pick

Jungle – “Good Times”

When it comes to summer anthems, many may have different ideas of what qualities of a song make it fit the title. For me, I tend to think of songs that are upbeat, warm, and danceable. One of those songs that comes to mind is the latest release from Jungle called “Good Times”. British funk and soul dance duo Jungle is already known for creating music that fits this exact mold. Their music has been described as ‘life-affirming, dancefloor-igniting, and a sun-kissed celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly joyful’. With their two newest singles, one of which is “Good Times”, Jungle is bringing back feel-good modern disco for the soul.

“Good Times” begins with an a cappella choir and builds almost immediately into a dynamic and groovy melody. The childlike and fun tone of the verses, mixed with the lyrics make the song lighthearted and easy to enjoy. Jungle will be playing Ryman Auditorium on September 27. Check out tickets for the show here! Also, check out the music video for “Good Times” below! If hearing the song for the first time didn’t make you want to get up out of your seat and dance, then this video surely will!

Austin’s Pick

Steve Lacy- “Bad Habit”

One of the newest additions to my Collection of summertime anthems, Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” has a groove to it that was simply made for those summer evening drives. 

Serving as the lead single of Lacy’s latest album Gemini Rights, the track speaks on a missed connection and the frustrations that come with it. The combination of the drums driving the track and one of Lacy’s iconic guitar parts make this and the entire album one that I’ll be returning to for many summers to come. You can check out the track along with its interesting visuals below