Jeremy Ivey – “Orphan Child”: DJ Pick of the Week


For his DJ Pick of the Week, Casey has put a spotlight on “Orphan Child” by Jeremy Ivey. Based in Nashville, Jeremy Ivey launched his solo career in 2019 after spending many years performing in the background. Since his solo debut, Ivey has released two studio albums under ANTI- Records, with a third on the way. Ivey’s style is best described as the fusion of country’s guitar backbone, folk music’s instrumentation, and psychedelic music’s vocal delivery.

“Orphan Child” externalizes Ivey’s struggle to cope with his past, in which he would spend much of his time in pursuit of work. Throughout the song, he reflects on how this pursuit damaged his relationships and mental state. Meanwhile, the instrumental background paints a comfortable, nostalgic picture reminiscent of country or folk music. However, Ivey’s unpredictable approach to the layered structure of “Orphan Child” twists this comfort on its head, making the listener uncertain what will happen next. Instruments featured include guitars (both electric and acoustic), electric bass, organ synthesizers, and drums. Despite the harsh lyrics, Ivey’s vocal delivery reflects the calm theme set by this backing track. The mood clash within “Orphan Child” is just a small part of what makes it an amazing listen.

“Orphan Child” marks Ivey’s first musical release since his second album, Waiting out the Storm, dropped in 2020. The song provides a sneak preview of what’s to come in Ivey’s third studio album, Invisible Pictures. Invisible Pictures is available for pre-order now, and goes live for buyers and streaming users alike on March 11. Until then, you can check out “Orphan Child” along with the song’s official music video below:

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