Parrotfish — “There for You”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “There for You” by Parrotfish! Tampa-born and Nashville-based indie pop band Parrotfish released this track as a part of their recent Something’s In The Milk EP. Parrotfish’s clean group vocals leap to the forefront of the mix throughout the tune, bringing a surprising degree of darkness to this otherwise sunshiny song. In the meantime, funky bass licks and reggae-inspired guitar stabs permeate the background, held together by a full live drum sound.

To match the song’s bittersweet sound, the lyrics also induce a conflicting mix of emotions. Each song on the new EP represents a different type of connection, and “There for You” focuses on one’s connection with friends and family. As the band explores this deep brotherly love, feelings of warmth, empathy, and belonging emerge. However, Parrotfish despairs at their previous shortcomings in their relationships, frantically promising to improve in their efforts in the future. Go ahead and give “There for You” a listen below!

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