Puffhost – “Soulebrate”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!


Casey’s DJ Pick this week is “Soulebrate” by Puffhost. Puffhost’s Ethan Rose and Myke Wilken were heavily involved in the local music scene before realizing they can make some great music together. When they met their producer Max Allyn, they found the perfect outlet to present their fresh sound. Nowadays you can find them dabbling into hip-hop, bringing together their MC abilities with a refreshing indie twist.

In “Soulebrate,” Puffhost and collaborators of ‘The Hit House’ showcase how this city is full of diverse genres and big personalities. If we could describe the song in one word, it would be “big.” With a rag-time keyboard rhythm and support from strings, this track will wake you up and get you ready for the day. Give yourself a break and celebrate the little things by giving this song a listen below.

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