The Mad Sugars — “New York Girls”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “New York Girls” by The Mad Sugars. Describing their sound as “garage rock dance pop,” The Mad Sugars pull influence from 60s/70s rock & roll and balance it with their own artistic flair. The band is leaving their mark everywhere they go, with footprints in New York and now, right here in Nashville.

“New York Girls,” an upbeat narrative, is the latest single from their upcoming album. Set to be released in the spring of 2023, the album is creatively intended to navigate “nightlife misadventures” in New York City. In this song, frontman Adam Lawrence writes from the perspective of a guy “trying his luck at the bar and striking out, but having a blast anyway,” shared in a recent TikTok.

Check out the song below:

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