The Medium- “Still the Best”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick this week is “Still the Best” by The Medium! The song is from the band’s sophomore album, For the Horses. The record was inspired by the Nashville rock band’s frequent games of HORSE in their shared home!

“Still the Best” is the second track on the album. It features the perfect mix of vintage and modern sounds to create a nostalgic feeling song. Shane Perry, the band’s guitarist says, “Still the Best” chronicles the bittersweet feeling of watching friends come and go from your life, not for any conflict but just because that’s how things go sometimes.”

Although the band no longer shares a house, the band’s creative projects are ‘still the best,’ and the album acts as a reminder of the Nashville natives time living together.

Find out more about the band and their upcoming events here! Watch the official music video for “Still the Best” by The Medium below!

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