Tijuana Panthers – “False Equivalent”: DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “False Equivalent” by Tijuana Panthers! “False Equivalent” is the latest single from this surf-grunge trio based out of Long Beach, CA. The roots of Tijuana Panthers stem back to junior high, when members Chad Wachtel, Daniel Michicoff, and Phil Shaheen met and quickly became close friends, bonding over their shared love of surfing, skateboarding, and rock & roll. Their debut album was released in 2010, and they have continued to evolve their sound and production since. 

“False Equivalent” is the second single from their upcoming album Halfway To Eighty, which is set for a June 24 release date. The band described their sixth full-length release as “a dedication to a lifetime of making music.” Musically, “False Equivalent” features punchy, tight drums layered with a lively bass and guitar. As for the message of the song, Tijuana Panthers shared, “Having tough discussions and debates with people close to you can feel more like a game that’s meant to be won rather than a compassionate effort to understand. We are barely evolved. I just took your queen in chess; you say I didn’t, and we are in fact playing checkers. False equivalents show we’re not even having the same conversation.” 

You can preorder Halfway To Eighty featuring “False Equivalent” here. Be the first to hear new announcements from Tijuana Panthers on their social media, and listen to “False Equivalent” below!

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