Amy Stroup — “Break The Feeling”: Local Artist of the Week


For this week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the week, we’re highlighting critically acclaimed songwriter and artist Amy Stroup! Stroup was born in Boston and moved to Nashville with her family when she was eighteen. At Lipscomb University, she began her musical journey as a classical guitar student. Soon after, she became immersed in the underground alternative scene. Stroup blossomed as a musician by collaborating with neighboring musicians. Fruitful collaboration led to the release of her first album, Chasing Greenlights, in 2006. This began her chain reaction by releasing The Other Side of Love Sessions in 2011 and Helen of Memphis in 2018. Stroup’s music is known for its transporting indie sound and emotively engulfing storylines. “Break the Feeling” is one of the first tracks from her upcoming album, Since Frank.

In 2012, Stroup and Trent Dabbs formed the rootsy duo Sugar & The Hi-Lows. Combining the two artistries, Sugar & The High Lows showcase their individual styles working in harmony. Together they’ve released four studio albums and have gained the likes of Billboard, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, and others.

The song “Break the Feeling” emphasizes the importance of staying grounded and features aspects of nature as a vital grounding force. In the opening verse, the lyrics mention, “Trading breath with the trees I get caught in between, Too much in my head, A kind of release, Under canopy, Cooling the jets,” highlighting how the outdoors can help to reset one’s perspective amidst the mundanity of society. The song has a grooving backline that supports her cohesive indie-pop sound throughout. Her vocals are velvety and authentic, pushing a fluid dreamscape sound.

Stroup is an inspiring force in the local scene. Her 10-track record, Since Frank, will release on June 23rd. You can listen to “Break the Feeling” below!

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