Birdtalker – “Thunder”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Casey’s DJ pick is “Thunder” by Birdtalker! Nashville natives, Birdtalker is comprised of 5 music city members. The indie-folk group was started by couple Zack and Dani Green in 2012. Later adding Zack’s friends from Lipscomb, Andy Hubright, Brian Seligman, and Jesse Baker. As a tight-knit group, you can feel the passion, and love they put into each song. Their close background helps them perfectly blend with one another, making Birdtalker a force to be reckoned with. Their debut single “Heavy,” released in 2016, has over 80 million streams on Spotify, despite the founding members not having played in a band previously. This goes to show the sheer talent Birdtalker has, as well as the hard work they put into forming their sound.

“Thunder” is Birdtalker’s latest single, making its debut on March 2, 2023. Capturing your attention with a playful whistle melody, the warmth of the harmonies and instrumentals together fully draws you in. The opening lines read, “Sun is setting while the oceans rise Distant thunder in an open sky Let the rain, let the wave wash you over Instead of running away.” Seeming to allude to anxiety or other negative emotions setting in, Birdtalker notes the beauty in feeling them in their entirety. Once you come to terms with what you’re struggling with, you’re able to release it.

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