Caroline Rose – “Miami”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick this week is “Miami” by Caroline Rose. “Miami” is the first single from Rose’s anticipated album The Art of Forgetting that is set to release March 24th. In a time of heartbreaking events, Caroline allowed themselves to slow down honing attention on contemplation and growth. In that time they claim to have found a much needed reconnection to self. Rhetoric of which appears in the upcoming album. The Art of Forgetting, is a ruling release that unfolds with naked emotion and honesty that Rose has only teased before.

The single is a dauntless and emotive lead to the record. Releasing a video of similar brave and nostalgic nature, the visual unfolds like a fever dream. The video depicts the relationship of two characters, closely matching the poised dynamics of the song. The track begins strongly and simply with an acoustic guitar melody placing the listener directly in the Miami heat. Caroline leads the listener in story with clear lyricism and vocal grit all the way through to the resonant chorus. The self production is authentically theirs translating anger and despair with distorted strings, squealing guitars, and modular percussion. The artist utilizes the melodic power of dynamic space with explosive instrumental builds and breaks. Insuring the listeners attention throughout the track, Rose’s lyricism pulls the listener through intimate conversations and releases with bracing melodic anecdotes.

“Sometimes you’ve got to express yourself because if you don’t you’ll explode,” says Rose. “Miami” is just a glimpse of their high-powered debris.

Caroline will play Brooklyn Bowl on April 19th short after the album is released.

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