Connor Kelly and the Time Warp – “Distant Forest”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Connor Kelly & The Time Warp

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is Connor Kelly and the Time Warp’s “Distant Forest.” This song was released in early 2022 on their album of the same title. “Distant Forest” features a psychedelic-rock sound with heavy drums, lots of synths, and guitar distortion. These stylistic choices take its listeners on a metaphorical mind trip. Following this theme, lead singer Connor Kelly goes on a trip of his own in the music video. Kelly is seen entering a sleep deprivation tank, transporting him into the “Distant Forest.”

In addition to the instrumentals and visuals, lyrically, “Distant Forest” drives home its overarching theme. It further adds onto this futuristic, mind-bending atmosphere stating, “The new world is out there waiting for us. There’s a fruitful life growing in a distant forest.” Another element to commend is how clear the vocals are. Even as the melody reaches the higher notes, the vocals remain crisp, showing the amazing range of Connor Kelly.

Connor Kelly and the Time Warp is a local rock band! So, if you enjoy “Distant Forest,” check out the band on tour this weekend in Chattanooga and in February in Knoxville!

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