Heavy Quitters “Caroline”- Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Caroline Heavy Quitters

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Caroline” by Heavy Quitters!

Nashville-based band Heavy Quitters came into 2023 with one goal in mind- to put an album out. Band members Guthrie Brown, J.R. Wyatt, John McNally, and Shawn Conerton began and finished the album in six days. Three days for composing, and three days for recording & bringing the songs to life. What came from this journey would be known as their debut self-titled album, available now!

“Caroline” was the first single off of Heavy Quitters to be released. The lyrics paint a picture of the classic girl next door. The foreshadowing in the first verse, “Caroline works at a flower shop,” into the chorus, “In my head, there’s a flowerbed,” follows the satisfying musical buildup in the song. The instrumentation gives us that warm acoustic indie-folk feeling, and the vocals give us a beautiful arrangement of harmonies in the background. This song is perfect for the incoming crisp fall weather.

Listen to “Caroline” by Heavy Quitters below!

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