“Insta Clout” Calico Mantra – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ pick this week is “Insta Clout” by Calico Mantra! Calico Mantra has been involved in the Nashville music scene for some time now. They’ve gone by a couple different names in the past: Fresh Squeeze and The Honeymoons. Whatever the name, it’s clear this group is paving their own way in Music City.

With “Insta Clout,” we see the band take on classic glam rock with astounding success. The entire song is fun, and the guitar solo really shows off the song’s best qualities. Even when it transitions back into a last verse and chorus, the guitar is still present and masterful as ever.

This sound emulating the past contrasts with a title evoking the modern-day chase for social media fame, or “clout.” The lyrics don’t shy away from themes of looking back on the past with a wistfulness. Key lyrics include “Loving was easy 50 years ago / Now it just takes a while to really know.” The narrator, a self-proclaimed “poor boy living day by day,” compares himseslf to the object of his desire. “She’s flying high a blue check away,” he sings, referencing the verified status of internet celebrities. It’s a combination of themes both modern and timeless. As we settle into the 2020s, “Insta Clout” is a fun, tongue-in-cheek take on what’s changed and what’s stayed the same about social capital.

If you’re curious enough to see the band live (and are 21 or older), you’re in luck—you can catch them later this month at The Cobra on June 28.

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