Intern Pick’s of the Week — Lover or Hater?


Entering Valentine’s Week we wanted to share our favorite picks for both the lovers and the haters.

Christina’s Pick: “A Million Pretty Pieces” — Nightly & Fleurie

Feeling the wispy romance in the air this week, my pick is “Million Little Pieces” by Nightly ft. Fleurie. This song was released as a single in August 2021 by Nightly following their 2020 album: Night, Love You. The trio band consists of Jonathan Capeci (vocals), Joey Baretta (bass), and Nick Sainato (drums). Both Nightly and Fleurie (Lauren Strahm) are local artists based out of Nashville, TN.

“Million Little Pieces” begins with a stripped-down acoustic guitar riff and soft piano chords playing in the background. The ballad-style indie-pop song features dreamy synths in the chorus and bridge, accompanied by the enchanting harmonies of Nightly and Fleurie. The lyrics tell a love story from two different perspectives which describe the moment each person realized they were in 6 by yourself this Valentine’s Day, look no further. Whether you’re a lover or a hater of all things V-Day, spend it treating yourself with people you love.

Claire’s Pick: “East Chicago, IN” — Michigander

My Intern pick for this week is “East Chicago, IN” by the Nashville local, Michigander. “East Chicago, IN,” came out on the artist’s debut EP Midland back in 2018. This song may not the typical Valentine’s ballad, though it is a beautifully honest depiction of love. Addressing a past lover, the lyrics in the track navigate the sentiments of yearning in the space between. It illustrates a “no matter what” kind of love. The fluid lyricism gives the listener room for personal interpretation. 

Lyrically he exemplifies compassionate devotion despite the often rigid periods of relationships through the repetitive chorus, “Come on back to me/ Come on back to me.” The melody combines rhythmic electric guitar picking and soft, consistent drums. Finally, at the end of the last chorus, the listener is swept up by cathartic woodwinds preparing for the closing bridge. Driving the piece home, both the melody and lyrics come to a crescendo as he offers a longed-for anecdote, “It doesn’t matter where you are/ It doesn’t matter where I am/ You know that I’ve got you/ You know that I’ve got you.” 

Michigander reminds us what love is all about delivering a song for all kinds of lovers.

Caden’s Pick: “Roses” — Awaken I Am

With this week’s theme being Valentine’s Day, “Roses” by Awaken I Am was the first song that came to mind. Awaken I Am is a rock/post-hardcore group from Brisbane, Australia. The band consists of Jimmy Alexander, Ryan Oxford, Jay Sibthorpe, Ned Jankovic, and Luke McKenzie.

I decided to choose “Roses” because of the message of the song. I feel as though it ties into the theme of Valentine’s Day quite well. It might not be what a lot of couples would want to hear on such a day, but there are people who might prefer listening to songs like this on Valentine’s Day. The song’s chorus has the prominent line, “Roses don’t know when they’re dead.” It took me a few listens to start focusing on the right words in this song. I had not realized that the song was really about a relationship dying until I heard this line and started focusing on what I was hearing. 

As mentioned, the song is about a relationship that is wilting but may not look like it. Even the people in the narrative of the song do not see what is really happening. Instead, they choose to blame the fights they are having on the alcohol they are consuming rather than seeing the issues that lie beneath.

While this might not be what most would expect for a Valentine’s Day song, I would venture to say that it will fit the theme through a different lens.

Ellie’s Pick: “Falling Behind” — Laufey

A little caught in my feels, my pick for this week is “Falling Behind” by Laufey. She is an up and coming jazz-pop artist from Iceland. This song is featured on her debut album Everything I Know About Love, released on August 26, 2022. Surrounded by soft launches, heart shaped paraphernalia, and lovers on every corner, being single this time of year can be extra lonely. It might even seem like everyone on Earth is in a relationship except for you. A feeling Laufey flawlessly captures in “Falling Behind.”

A cheery, bossa nova inspired tune, “Falling Behind” brings liveliness to the envy we endure watching others fall in love. Laufey bitterly describes the world as having “a sickly romance in the air.” She goes on to express her frustrations writing, “I’ve never had a shoulder to cry on. Someone to call mine. Everybody’s falling in love and I’m falling behind.” Soft acoustic guitar licks partnered with dreamy harmonies give “Falling Behind” a timeless quality keeping you hooked, eager to hit replay. The begrudging, yet relatable, lyrics juxtapose a sweet melody to make this a quintessential anti-love song.

Whether you lean towards the hopeless side of the term “hopeless romantic” this Valentine’s Day, or just really like jazz, “Falling Behind” by Laufey is the perfect song for you.