Jonny Lucas “Each To Their Own”- Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ pick this week is Jonny Lucas’s latest single, “Each To Their Own!”

British Indie-Rock artist Jonny Lucas is a rising star. After performing in festivals such as Glastonbury & Isle Of Wight, Lucas moved to Nashville and has been hard at work making his newest music. With musical influences such as David Bowie, Ray Davies, Cage the Elephant, and Harry Styles, Jonny Lucas’s music has some vintage rock instrumentation to complement the modern production and vocal styles.  

“Each To Their Own” is the first single off of Jonny Lucas’s upcoming debut album, Same Difference. The lyrics focus on living authentically- an important message that’s easy to forget in the music industry. 

“I woke up to a strange facade, different lives on the same old screen. Everybody put their best foot forwards, fake a smile now that ain’t me.”

This song’s electric guitar rhythm draws you in, and the catchy melody of the chorus will keep you hooked. The harmonies in the chorus add so much texture to the indie-rock vibe, and Jonny’s pop-star vocals make them even better. Overall, there’s so much to this song that makes it such a satisfying listen. We’re stoked to have Jonny Lucas in Nashville with us, and we’ll be looking forward to Same Difference!

Listen to “Each To Their Own” below!

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