Lauren Morrow – “Nobody But Me”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Casey’s DJ pick is “Nobody But Me” by Lauren Morrow! Released on March 31, 2023, this song is the sixth track off of Lauren’s first solo album People Talk. Getting her start with the band The Whiskey Gentry, after over a decade, she decided it was time to move in a different direction. Packing her bags and heading from Atlanta to East Nashville, Lauren is showcasing and growing her talent as a songwriter and performer.

Captivating from the start, the song opens with acoustic guitar and segues into Lauren singing softly. Gradually building, percussion is added as well as electric guitar. Incorporating an instrumental break, Lauren’s vocals come back layered with the melody line sung an octave higher. The higher octave takes over and harmonizing BGVs are added to make a powerful and memorable outro. With the right amount of attitude Lauren belts out, “If you ain’t helping than you’re hurting. It ain’t hard to see. Don’t need nobody but me. There ain’t no other woman that I’d rather be. Don’t need nobody but me.” Poised and self assured, this song will have you confident, ready to take on anyone and anything.

Listen to her in-studio here at Lightning 100 below!

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