Nordista Freeze “I Hate Everything But You” – Casey DJ Pick of the Week

Nordista Freeze I Hate Everything But You

This week for Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week, Lightning 100 presents “I Hate Everything But You” by Nordista Freeze. Nordista is a multi-talented artist that falls within the psych pop, alternative indie, and rock genres. Freeze is a local artist who has a passion for the stage which led him to play 755 live shows and counting. While Nordista is not performing he’s working hard with his band to create music for his fans. He has released 5 singles within this year and the one that stands out the most is his most recent single “I Hate Everything But You.”

This track is sharing the relatable message of not being interested in anything else other than the person you are romantically interested in. Digging deeper, he expresses that all he wants to do is be with that person and he will be happy. “I Hate Everything But You” opens with Nordista’s electrifying vocals and catchy lyrics that will have you singing the song on repeat. Within the track you can hear the diverse instrumentation with the steady sound of drums to tap your feet to and the detailed rock n roll guitar solo that makes you want to dance around your room to.

Listen to ” I Hate Everything But You” from Nordista Freeze below:

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