Overlook “Back To Life” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Overlook Back To Life

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Back To Life” from Overlook! The four piece consists of Nashville-indie rock ‘n’ rollers.

The childhood friends from Fort Wayne, IN began making music together while they were still in high school. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic in 2020 that they found their signature sound for their debut album Someway Somehow. Since then, the band relocated to Music City, and released “Back to Life” as their first single since the LP. With an appropriate title, this single has brought Overlook back into the scene after years of gigging around the city.

Opening the track with a layered four part harmony reminiscent of early Beatles, Overlook uses a mimetic choir of angels to revive the band from the long hiatus. The track then drops listeners straight into the chorus, singing “Come on bring me back to life.” Their modern, indie-pop inspired guitar is clean and bubbly, while the drums are heavy, laying down a fun, surf-rock influenced beat. Carson Bull’s vocals seem to plead with listeners throughout the chorus. He continues layers the track with floating background vocals, similar to a 60s sound. Overlook is back in business, and blends influences and bends genres in “Back To Life.”

Listen to the track down below:

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