Say She She “Astral Plane” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Say She She Astral Plane

Dan’s DJ pick of the week is “Astral Plane” from Say She She! The track is featured on their sophomore album Silver, which just hit shelves last week.

This female-led, seven piece disco-pop group holds a power to transport listeners to the late 70s through their sound, which combines staple elements of retro disco and funk with modern pop. Say She She (a play on “C’est Chi Chi,” meaning “It’s chic”) is fronted by three lead vocalists, whose vocals aerate their music with their soft, floaty, three-part harmonies. But the group’s power in numbers is clear: their voices can fuse into a wall of sound to hit listeners hard with a chorus like “Astral Plane.”

Every aspect of “Astral Plane” feeds into this dream-like sound that makes Say She She so addicting. With future-esque synths and operatic vocals, the track feels extraterrestrial. The strings linger on a single note during the chorus, building tension just before landing in a soft, funky groove. Say She She has mastered the silky disco, and “Astral Plane” is clear proof of it.

Listen to the track below:

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