The Explorers Club – “Come Softly To Me”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

The Explorers Club
The Explorers Club

“Come Softly To Me” by The Explorers Club is Casey’s DJ Pick of the week! Originally a song by Fleetwood Mac, The Explorers Club released their take on this classic hit as they wrapped up their Fall 2022 tour. This single also follows their release of “Tragedy,” another Fleetwood Mac cover. Both tracks are a breath of fresh air, featuring a completely different soundscape than the original versions released in 1959.

The Explorers Club originated nearly two decades ago in Charleston, South Carolina before eventually relocating to Nashville in 2016. Frontman Jason Brewer tells an interesting backstory on how the band adopted their band name. Initially from a scene in a 2004 Wes Anderson movie, the phrase ‘Explorer’s Club’ is seen scrawled on the wall of a bar Bill Murray walks into. Together, the band has released an EP and several singles since their first single debut in 2008. In this latest release, Brewer took inspiration from a Percy Sledge cover of the same Fleetwood Mac song.

This version of “Come Softly To Me” evokes a retro vibe reminiscent of the Beach Boys and The Beatles. With catchy guitar riffs, a horn section, and a rhythmic backbeat, this tune is an engaging modern remake of the song while still introducing a nostalgic 1970s sound.

Check out The Explorers Club’s song “Come Softly To Me” on YouTube below, and be on the lookout for upcoming tour dates on The Explorers Club’s website.

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