The Minks – “Creatures of Culture”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “Creatures of Culture” by The Minks! This track was released in late January as a single off their upcoming album, set to release March 3, 2023.

As a local band, The Minks are known as Nashville’s ‘psychedelic-blues explosion’, honing in on a heavy rock ‘n’ roll sound. Front woman Nikki Barber formed the four-piece band in 2015, being inspired by Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Patti Smith Group. Barber, originally from Gettysburg Pennsylvania, made the move to Music City in 2012 to pursue music. After a couple years of exploring the Nashville music scene and discovering her sound, Barber hastily put together the sonically brilliant rock band known as The Minks. Originally, this came as a result of being invited to open for popular punk-rock artist Ron Gallo. However, their first performance kept listeners hooked, and the band has been generating local buzz ever since. Evidently, The Minks have been making waves around Nashville as the underbelly of the rock and roll scene.

“Creatures of Culture” begins with a groovy, rhythmic electric guitar to set the tone for this garage-rock jam. Barber’s soulful and emotive vocals keep the high-energy vibe and the vehement guitar solo leaves listeners lost in the powerful message of it all. The overarching theme in this track is that society is going through the motions, obsessed with living their lives online. In the music video, the band members wear office clothing while working at a desk and apathetically making conversation. They scroll through social media, taking pictures of themselves to pass time. In the end, the band realizes they aren’t content with this life so they destroy all the office furniture. Undeniably, the message is very relevant to modern society and this video is a must-watch.

Keep up with The Minks via their website here. Be sure to stay on the lookout for new releases from their upcoming album as well as upcoming shows! Also, check out the official music video for “Creatures of Culture” on YouTube below:

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