Todd Snider “Slim Chance is Still a Chance” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Todd Snider Slim Chance is Still a Chance

Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “Slim Chance is Still a Chance” by Todd Snider. Though newly released, the song isn’t all that “new.”  It was recorded in 2007, along with the other songs on the forthcoming Crank It, We’re Doomed.  At the time, Snider was between record labels, and would form his own label the following year. The record was shelved and left unreleased for 16 years. Now, “Slim Chance is Still a Chance” has made Its debut, with the rest of the album expected November 10th.

Though Snider kept “Slim Chance” in the vault for well over a decade, it sounds untouched for six. With a lead guitar part reminiscent of The Surfaris’ “Wipeout,” the song opens in a nostalgic space. The production matches the time period; The mix emulates the auditory aesthetic of transistor radios. The straightforward lyricism harkens back to early Beatles records, rounding out this beautifully retro song. 

Four is only just one more than three, that’s close enough for me, must be my lucky day,” Snider sings, as he recalls finding a four-leaf clover that “had one leaf missing.” Opening for the late Jimmy Buffett on tour in the ‘90s, Snider proved himself a worthy successor to such a poignant yet simplistic lyricist. Another late musician, Kris Kristofferson, once said Snider has “the heart and humor of John Prine […] and a fresh, original spirit of freedom and imagination that’s absolutely his own.”

The overdue release of Crank It, We’re Doomed is a treat.  As a cohesive record from his most prolific period, it’s a welcome surprise. Listen to “Slim Chance is Still a Chance,” the first single from the album, below:

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