Toy Dinosaur “Again and Again” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Toy Dinosaur Again and Again

Casey’s DJ pick of the week is “Again and Again” by Toy Dinosaur. They’re a Nashville band with an exciting blend of pop and electronic music atop a bedrock of rock n’ roll. 

“Again and Again” is the seventh track off Toy Dinosaur’s sophomore LP Grips of Fall. Opening with a techno beat, the song promises to shake the listener and awaken them to its message. The keyboard enters in a minimalistic but prominent way, foreshadowing how it will command the rest of the song. With a stacked harmonies behind a falsetto lead vocal, the chorus evokes a postmodern Beach Boys vibe.  As guitars and drums fill out the sound, the piano pushes forward, popping through the mix in low and high ranges. 

“I’m not on my own,” cries the singer towards the song’s close. It’s a call that ponders the good and bad of such a realization. With the techno-style beat returning, “Again and Again” begins to take a Michael Jackson tone before the song reaches its close. Though an album track, its versatility and range make it worthy of a single release. This song is a 3:48 must-listen that proves Toy Dinosaur’s ability to blend genres and captivate listeners.

Hear Toy Dinosaur’s “Again and Again” from their new album Grips of Fall below:

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