Vera Bloom “Eyes on You” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Vera Bloom Eyes on You

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Eyes on You” by Vera Bloom. It’s the lead single off her sophomore EP It’s Me, which released on September 29th.

“Eyes on You” evokes a 90s sound, blending punk rock and pop in nostalgic way. The track still feels at home in 2023, with a crisp production courtesy of Jacob Carey and Jeremy Ferguson, along with Bloom. It’s not a balance of old and new, but rather, a tasteful blend.  Beginning with the immediate entrance of the drums in up-tempo form, you’re sure to be hooked by the excitement of this song.

Once Bloom begins to sing, she pulls you deeper. Beneath the rousing instrumental is a story with darker tones. “I am gripped by fear, that we will live our lives more dead than alive,” she sings. “I’ll be your angel now, but I need moments fueled by sweat and sin.” The angst and passion of the verses reach new heights with each chorus. “My eyes are always on you,” Bloom sings in a feisty tone.

The breakdown of the song leaves room for all there is to love about punk rock; syncopated drums, a more intense vocal, and an overdriven guitar solo. It’s a necessary and welcomed delivery of what listeners want that doesn’t detract from the song’s originality. This instrumentation gives the track a strong foundation. Still, the electrifying guitar work can’t outshine Bloom’s voice. She carries the remainder of the song through a riveting outro, driving home her point with one last belt that becomes a vocal fry.

See the music video for Vera Bloom’s “Eyes On You” below.

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