Augustus Carroll “Dapper Dan” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


“Dapper Dan” by Augustus Carroll is Casey DJ Pick of the Week!

Since 2018, Nashville artist Augustus Carroll has been showcasing his distinct songwriting, engulfing soundscapes, and beautiful melodies. Playing music since childhood, he discovered his love for singing and playing music very early. He later became serious about songwriting in high school. Augustus notes a unique blend of influences, noting Frank Ocean, Tama Impala, and Bon Iver as inspirations for his sound.

With the release of “Dapper Dan”, it’s clear Augustus has grown as an artist, releasing a music video along with the song. Directed by Neil Shukla, the video depicts a man who can’t seem to get rid of the literal “baggage” he carries with him. No matter if he throws the suitcase in the ocean or buries it, the suitcase won’t leave his side. Overall, the focused music video showcases beautiful wide shots of the beach and adds a memorable esthetic to the song.

Apart from the video, “Dapper Dan” is a catchy pop hit, being teased as the first single off an upcoming record.

Calling it his favorite song from his upcoming record, “Dapper Dan” showcases Augustus’s ability to create a smooth and catchy chorus, filled with harmonies and tasty bass licks. The song gives us insight into the life of Dapper Dan, a character Augustus created who escapes with his mistress, looking for a way out of his reality. Moreover, he sings “One day Dapper Dan’s gonna realize he watched too much TV/The screen’s promise of a full life was empty”. The lyrics reveal how the life portrayed on TV is unattainable and how Dapper Dan has chased something that ultimately led to disappointment.

Check out the video to “Dapper Dan” below. Also, follow Augustus Carroll to stay updated on new releases and shows here!

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