Calico Mantra “Infinite Void” – Casey’s DJ Pick


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Infinite Void” by Calico Mantra! 

Calico Mantra is a psychedelic, vintage rock n’ roll band from Nashville, TN that looks to create a new but familiar sound. The 4-piece rock band has been making waves since their first release in September 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down. The band consists of Leonardo Faillace (Lead Vocals), Victor Arruda (Electric Guitar), Jacob Emran (Bass Guitar), and Maxx Marotta (Drums).

As their 9th single as a band, “Infinite Void” is co-written by all four members of the band and showcases all of their strengths.

“Infinite Void” entrances the listener right away, with a rhythmic riff that repeats throughout the song. It dances around the beat and the music just feels like it was meant to be heard live. Faillace opens the verse confidently, with a vocal tone and mix reminiscent of a Led Zeppelin tune you’d find in their vault.

Halfway into the song, the band breaks it down and takes their time riding a simple but beautiful guitar lick. The bass holds the octaves of the chord as they build it up, taking their time to build the song. Eventually, everything but guitar drops out and the guitar does some slippery slide lines until the final chorus smacks you across the face.

“Infinite Void” is Calico Mantra’s best showcase of their sounds yet and it’s an absolute rocker! Check it out as well as the music video below!

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