Cecilia Castleman “Can’t Escape A Broken Heart” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is the new track “Can’t Escape A Broken Heart” from Cecilia Castleman featuring Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Castleman is a Nashville native and has previously been featured as Lightning100’s local artist of the week. She made her recorded debut in 2022 with her single “Lonely Nights”, but many Nashvillians recognize Castleman from her local hit “It’s Alright” which has amassed over 3 million streams.

She has performed with legends such as Sheryl Crow, Patrick Droney, and Melissa Etheridge as well as amassed over a million views as an extremely skilled guitar player. Leftwich is an English-born producer and artist, whose other co-writes include The 1975 and Holly Humberstone.

Cecilia Castleman has a great knack for writing beautiful songs about love. Castleman’s songwriting and lyricism contain imagery that will make your inner middle-schooler scream, discussing the turmoil and feelings of losing what you thought you had. Complete with warm airy vocals, full and bright drums, and strong folky guitar, it’s hard not to pretend you’re in a movie when listening to her music.

This track from Francis and her is a little different than her normal style. This piece is much more raw and intimate. It starts with Castleman’s and Leftwhich’s vocals center-stage, with very little instrumental to distract from them. As the song continues it gets more passionate, we start to notice a bass and more punch from the guitar. We also start to hear the reverb, and before you know it the song has changed from a personal ballad to a powerful and lively new-age pop-folk song.

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