Cecilia Castleman “Can’t Escape A Broken Heart” – Local Artist of the Week


Lightning 100 announces Cecilia Castleman as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week! “Can’t Escape A Broken Heart” featuring Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

This is Nashville native Cecilia Castleman’s second time as our local artist of the week, each time bringing a fresh set of ideas. On this record, she has teamed up with renowned English songwriter and producer Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Together they have worked with a wide array of artists including a combination of Sheryl Crow, Benmont Tench, and The 1975.

Her cinematic and expressive style is on full display in this piece. Full of emotion, the song mourns relationships head-on. Her lyrics paint a vivid grief-stricken world, saying “Young and open-hearted / But dumb enough to dream I see you in the sunrise / I see you in the dark Darling you’re never far / Guess you can’t escape a broken heart”

The song is a switch from Castleman’s traditional style, with this piece being extremely personal and sentimental. Her voice cuts through melodic guitars, slowly building behind other whimsical instrumental tracks. Leftwhich’s vocals layered with Castleman’s create another layer of texture and cohesion to the record.

Castleman will be opening Lightning100’s own Nashville Sunday Night this Sunday with Sister Hazel. Get tickets here!

Listen to “Can’t Escape A Broken Heart” by Cecilia Castleman below!

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