Denitia “Back to You” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


“Back to You” by Denitia is Casey DJ Pick of the Week!

Texas-born and Nashville-based artist Denitia is back with her latest country hit! Throughout her career, she’s experimented in multiple genres but has seemed to find her calling in Americana and Country music. Inspired by George Strait, Reba, and Dolly Parton, Denitia writes songs to help her audience understand and process their feelings. Denitia shows no signs of slowing down, being named one of CMT’s 2024 Next Women of Country. Also, she recently made her Grand Ole Opry debut on June 29th!

“Back to You” is the first single from Denitia’s upcoming album, Sunset Drive, out September 6th.

On the surface, the song is a catchy country hit, but the song dives into deep themes of the imprint certain experiences or people can have on your life. Her ability to combine great music with deeper themes shines on this song. She writes “There are some things, people, ideas in life that become themes in your life. Even when you walk away from a place, the impact of that experience still stays with you, and you’re forever changed because of it”.

Apart from these themes, the song is beautifully produced. Smooth vocals are accompanied by pedal steel and twangy guitar licks that hit just the right spot. An acoustic guitar appears during the bridge, sonically reminiscent of her line “Spring will take me right on in to summer”. The love and care put into the song comes out effortlessly. The chorus will get stuck in your head after one listen.

Check out the incredible video to “Back to You” below. Also, follow Denitia to stay updated on new releases and shows here!

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