Mickey Commodore “Are We In Love?” – Local Artist of the Week


Lightning 100 announces Mickey Commodore as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week!

Mickey Commodore is the alter-ego stage name of singer/songwriter Jason Martin from Plaquemines, Louisiana. Martin remembers “setting his parent’s living room on fire with a drumset” as a child, leading him to discover his love for music.

Commodore released his first album titled Slow Motion Movie Scene in 2023. This generated a supportive fanbase that spans from New York City to LA, and all the way down to Houston.

His music is a mixed bag of several genres; part of what makes his music so exciting to listen to. Taking inspiration from psychedelic and art rock, Commodore combines elements of smooth ambient synths, strong-spacey guitars, and punchy drums.

In his track “Are We In Love?”, listeners are introduced to a melodic electric guitar ballad, which discusses the confusing feelings of beginning a new relationship. Continuing the song continues to build from its ballad form until it reaches a dramatic and grandiose ending.

The imagery in his lyrics paints a vivid and uneasy emotion in this single. One of his lines, “Is this something I could see myself coming home to after almost losing my life in a war?” conveys just how heavy the decision is for Commodore. He continues back and forth with the issue at hand throughout the song, using the music to display the intensity of the situation.

Since the release of his 2023 album, Commodore has been busy writing/making music, performing/recording live shows, and playing with his cat Purrcy. See him for yourself live and in person on Friday, June 14th at The Basement with support from Ready Revolution and HoneyBunny.

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