Chouffe “Houblon IPA” – Brews in Bloom 2022

Chouffe Houblon IPA

Pack your suitcases, because today we’re taking Brews in Bloom across the pond! When you think of Belgium, you probably think of three things: waffles, chocolate, and beer. Sure enough, in this episode, Jayson and Matt talk about all of those things except for the first two! We see plenty of Belgian-inspired brews here in the US, but it’s not so common that Belgium draws inspiration from us. Granted, they kind of invented the game, right? Even so, today’s brew is the exception. This Houblon Chouffe IPA is the first Belgian IPA! It has an ABV of 9%, but it’s sneaky – you wouldn’t know by drinking it.

In this episode, Jayson and Matt taste the Houblon Chouffe IPA and immediately notice that it is not what you’d expect. Unlike an American IPA, this is a very dry-finishing beer. What this means is that after each sip, you want to go back in for more! The Houblon Chouffe IPA is very bitter with notes of grapefruit, and is incredibly easy to drink. It comes in four packs of short bottles and can be found at your local liquor store! Be sure to join us tomorrow at 6:30am for the next episode of Brews in Bloom. Plus, if you’re not an early bird, you can listen to the replay of each episode at 6:30pm on the same day, or on Soundcloud! Today’s episode is right here: