Brews Summer Style 2020: Ep. 8 – Oskar Blues One-y Hazy IPA


One-y 100 Calorie Hazy IPA by Oskar Blues Brewery

With another Wednesday comes another IPA for our eighth episode of #BrewsSummerStyle with Matt and Jayson. This India Pale Ale has traveled cross-country to sit on our desks today. Oskar Blues Brewery is stationed in Colorado and widely known for their craft-canned Dale’s Pale Ale. But, this newly released IPA is so much sweeter. 

oscar blues one-y IPA

The year-round pale ale is only 100 calories (hint the name “The One-y”), and according to Matt you could have six and call it a meal! For a beer so light on the calories, the One-y IPA packs a lot of fruity flavors. 

Matt and Jayson were shocked at how profound the orange and lemon zest were in the taste of such a low-cal beer. Don’t get us wrong though, the burst of flavor is followed by the typical malt that craft beer lovers know so well. 

These 12 oz cans are available in 6-packs to pick up at your local grocery or liquor store. But before you go, listen the beer expert’s below, and let us know what you think! 

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Written by Cate Burgan