Hoptober 2020 Day 3: Ranch Water

Ranch Water
Ranch Water

It’s Wednesday! In our third episode of Hoptober, DJ Jayson and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff taste and talk about Ranch Water. Based out of Dallas, Texas Lone River Beverage Co. “ranch water,” a famous twist on the classic cocktail for the first time. Traditionally in ranch water is a Texas-style cocktail made with tequila, lime, and seltzer water. Over the past few years, seltzers have stepped up to be a major player in the world of beverages. Ranch Water is light with a hint of lime. This beverage is only 80 calories and contains 4% alcohol. 

No matter the season, this drink is perfect for cold bonfire nights or a hot summer day by the pool. This slightly sweet seltzer will definitely impact the seltzer industry. Ranch Water is still a growing brand, and they take the time to make fresh and delicious bubbly drinks without the mass-produced chemical taste of certain seltzer brands. 

Even if you think drinking a hard seltzer is a “girly” drink, give Ranch Water a try. It also mixes well with traditional tequila drinks and adds a fresh element to any cocktail. These 12oz cans are available at most liquor stores and also comes in a spicy and grapefruit version.

This Hoptober, we have a special prize package for you! The pack includes a Cigar City cornhole set, a Hi-Wire can cooler, and many other goodies from some of the other Hoptober breweries. As long as you are 21 or older, you can sign up here for a chance to win!

Be sure to check out this brew from Lone River Beverage Co. for a refreshing pick-me-up. Looking for more suggestions? Tune in to Lightning 100 at 100.1FM tomorrow at 6:30 am (or for the replay at 6:30 pm) for Thursday’s episode of Hoptober!

Written by: Madison Sharp